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What can be caused by contactor failure ?

The contactor is used in our daily work to control whether the equipment in the main circuit is energized or not. What problems will it cause if it fails?
We know that the contactor consists of three parts, so we will analyze these three parts
1. Coil
The contactor will have a coil. After the coil is energized, the moving contact can be attracted to make it contact with the static contact, so that the contactor can be closed. Then the coil is broken, which will naturally cause the contactor to fail to close.
Inspection method: Use a multimeter to measure the coil resistance. If there is no resistance, it must be broken. If the resistance is suddenly large or small, or too large or too small, there is a problem. Generally, the coil resistance ranges from hundreds to thousands of ohms.

2. Auxiliary contacts
The auxiliary contacts of some contactors need to be installed separately, but most of them have auxiliary contacts. The function of auxiliary contacts is to cooperate with the electrical circuit to send out the state of the contactor.
Inspection method: For normally open contacts, you need to switch the multimeter to the resistance range, and measure the auxiliary contacts first. At this time, because of the failure, press the movable contact of the contactor to the end to see if the auxiliary contacts are connected, such as high resistance or If it cannot be connected, the auxiliary contact is broken. Normally closed contacts are just the opposite. First measure the auxiliary contacts.
It is damaged if it is not disconnected.

3. Main circuit
The function of the main circuit is to send electricity to the equipment. It is the same as the normally open contact check method, but it usually has three phases, so there will be a phase failure, that is, only two of the three phases are connected, and one phase is not connected. In this way, if the connected equipment is a motor, the motor will be easily burned. Therefore, after power-off inspection, it is recommended to use a clamp ammeter to test whether the three-phase currents are consistent.

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