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The working principle difference between DC contactor and AC contactor

Depending on the application situation, the choice of AC or DC depends on the coil of the wire. The coil of the DC contactor can only pass DC, and the coil of the AC contactor can only work with AC. Generally speaking, in the AC circuit, the main circuit uses the AC and the auxiliary circuit to take power from the main circuit as a control circuit. Then the control circuit is obviously also AC, so an AC contactor is used. If for a certain application, such as after the AC power failure, the equipment needs to continue to work when the power is turned on, then the power circuit and the control circuit need to be separated, the main circuit is AC, and the auxiliary control circuit is DC. This can be achieved, because DC power is in the event of a power failure Continuously, because the DC is generally obtained from batteries and can be supplied for several hours.
After such a power failure, the equipment stops operating, but because of the presence of direct current, the contactor is still connected. After power is available, the equipment will continue to operate.
Generally speaking, the control circuit usually uses direct current, which is applied to the control and protection of large equipment such as transformers and high-voltage motors. If AC is used, once the power fails, the protection device needs to be activated because there is no electricity and will not operate, so the use of direct current is a guarantee . Of course, in some factories, there are still fewer important things, so communication is used for both control and main circuits.
In addition, the DC contactor should be used in DC as the power circuit. Bifa DC oil pump. This is the motor that guarantees the oil supply to the steam turbine system in the power plant. It is controlled by DC. Its main circuit is DC and auxiliary circuit. Also DC, of ​​course the contactor must also be DC.
Alternating current is used for power equipment, and direct current is used for control and protection of power equipment, as well as emergency lighting.
For parameters such as noise, the AC and DC contactors I have seen are all the noise of poor quality. The internal resistance is different because of the different voltage levels.

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