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Introduction to six commonly used contactors

(1) Air electromagnetic AC contactor

Among the contactors, air electromagnetic AC contactors are the most widely used, with the most product series and varieties, but their structure and working principle are the same. At present, domestic air electromagnetic contactors are commonly used CJ0, CJl0, CJl2, CJ20, CJ21, CJ26, CJ29, CJ35, CJ40 series AC contactors.

(2) Mechanical interlocking AC contactor

The mechanical interlocking AC contactor is actually composed of two AC contactors of the same specification plus a mechanical interlocking mechanism and an electrical interlocking mechanism to ensure that the two contactors cannot be closed at the same time under any circumstances. Commonly used mechanical interlock contactors include CJX2-N, CJX4-N, etc.

(3) Switching capacitor contactor

The switching capacitor contactor is specially used in low-voltage reactive power compensation equipment. It is used to input or cut off the capacitor bank to adjust the power factor of the power system. The switching capacitor contactor adds a surge suppression device on the basis of the air electromagnetic contactor to close The impact of the surge current on the capacitor and the overvoltage during opening are suppressed. Commonly used products are CJl6, CJl9, CJ41, CJX4, CJX2A, etc.

(4) Vacuum AC contactor

The vacuum AC contactor uses vacuum as the arc extinguishing medium, and its main contact is sealed in the vacuum switch tube. The vacuum switch tube uses vacuum as the insulation and arc extinguishing medium. When the contacts are separated, the arc can only be maintained by the metal vapor evaporated from the contacts. Because the vacuum has high insulation strength and the medium recovery speed is very fast, vacuum arc The plasma quickly dissipates around, and the arc can be extinguished when the voltage crosses zero for the first time. Commonly used domestic vacuum contactors include CKJ and NC9 series.

(5) DC contactor

The structure of the DC contactor has two structures: three-dimensional layout and planar layout. The electromagnetic system mostly adopts a clap-type structure that rotates around the corners, and the main contact adopts a double-breakpoint bridge structure or a single-breakpoint rotating structure. Commonly used DC contactors are CZ18, CZ21, CZ22, CZ0.

(6) Intelligent contactor

The intelligent contactor is equipped with an intelligent electromagnetic system and has the function of communicating with the data bus and other equipment. It also has the ability to automatically recognize, control and execute the operating conditions. The intelligent contactor is composed of electromagnetic contactor, intelligent control module, auxiliary contact group, mechanical interlocking mechanism, alarm module, measurement display module, communication interface module, etc. Its core is microprocessor or single chip microcomputer.

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Zhejiang Nanfeng Electric Co., Ltd. is a company. With DC contactor as the leading factor, it integrates production, R & D, manufacturing anAn enterprise that can be integrated. Our company is specialized in producing medium load and heavy load DC contactor is suitable for electric forklifts, battery cars, tractors, and excavating. Machine, automobile air conditioner, communication power supply, uninterrupted power supply, electroplating power supply, etc. system The switch control of the integrated electronic control circuit has the advantages of small volume and large load capacity.  Long service life, simple maintenance, wide application range, and well received by users. Welcome.

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