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Development history of high voltage DC relay/contactor

1. Basic overview of global high voltage DC contactors

The high-voltage DC contactor was developed by the US military for its related military equipment in the early days. Later, the civilian market put forward the demand for high-voltage and high-current switching of the contactor, especially the current new energy vehicle market for the use of high-voltage DC relays. Major relay manufacturers have begun to research and develop. At present, the structure of HVDC relays is divided into two groups, one is the circular design concept led by KILOVAC, and the other is the square design concept led by Panasonic. However, TE's circular design concept is the early plastic sealant sealing technology, and its actual use is not as good as the square ceramic sealing technology designed by Panasonic, and my country's domestic high-voltage DC relays still rely on imported foreign brands, but now they are based on Wahnmo, GR, Major domestic relay manufacturers such as CTT have begun to develop high-voltage DC relays to replace foreign brands.

2. Advantages of high voltage DC contactor

At present, the biggest advantage of high-voltage DC relays is that they can provide high-voltage and high-current load switching. According to the development of various relay manufacturers, they are mainly DC 450V, 600V, 750V, 1000V and other high voltage switching capabilities, and the current ranges from 100A The 400A range is mainly related to industries such as new energy vehicles, charging piles, photovoltaics, and UPS power supplies. Compared with ordinary home appliance relays and automotive relays, the switching capability of small current loads is significantly improved.

3. Entry barriers for high voltage DC contactors

The entry barrier for high-voltage DC relays is relatively high, especially related equipment and instruments that need to be invested in the early stage, from the perspective of the production of various relay manufacturers. The equipment that needs to be invested in the early stage is laser welding machine, high temperature brazing furnace, gas detection equipment, etc.

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Zhejiang Nanfeng Electric Co., Ltd. is a company. With DC contactor as the leading factor, it integrates production, R & D, manufacturing anAn enterprise that can be integrated. Our company is specialized in producing medium load and heavy load DC contactor is suitable for electric forklifts, battery cars, tractors, and excavating. Machine, automobile air conditioner, communication power supply, uninterrupted power supply, electroplating power supply, etc. system The switch control of the integrated electronic control circuit has the advantages of small volume and large load capacity.  Long service life, simple maintenance, wide application range, and well received by users. Welcome.

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