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ZJW50-20 DC Contactor

ZJW50-20 DC Contactor

The magnetic latching contactor can be used for AC loads of 380V, 220V, and is mainly used in the EPS power supply of the communication base station.

  • ZJW50-20 DC Contactor

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ZJW50-20 50A DC Contactor is used for the EPS power supply of communication base stations. The contacts can also be used for 380V, 220V, and 110V AC loads. It is installed vertically. The rated voltage is not greater than DC80V and the current is 50A.

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For example: ZJW50-20S/12V
The DC contactor of main contact is 2NO, with micro switch, vertical installation, rated voltage not more than DC80V, current 50A, coil voltage is

Basic Technical Parameters (at normal conditions)
Electric Parameters
Contact type 2 NO of bridge type Instantaneous maxi (closing) current 7Ie,≤1s
Rated voltage of contacts (DC) DC: 80V; AC: 380V Insulation resistance(MΩ) ≥100
Rated current of contacts (A) DC: 50; AC: 10 Dielectric withstand voltage 2500V,p.f. 1min, no breakdown
Voltage drop on contacts(mV) ≤100 Electric cycles (104) ≥2
Coil voltage specification(DC) 6~220V Mechanical cycles (104) ≥30
DC power consumption of coil (W) ≤12 Temperature rise on outgoing terminal ≤65
Pickup voltage(DC) ≤70%Ue Temperature rise of coil(K) ≤85
Release voltage(DC) ≥5%Ue;≤40%Ue Insulation grade of enameled wire Class B (130°C)
Pickup time(ms) ≤50 Material of contact AgCuO(10)/Cu
Release time(ms) ≤50 Working duty Continuous operating duty
Magnetic Retention Structure Supplementary Parameter
Contact initial state NO Control power supply characteristics Positive and reverse pulse power supply
Contact action characteristics Coil plus positive pulse contact closure Power pulse time 200ms≤t≤1s
Coil plus reverse pulse contact disconnect Pickup voltage(DC) ≤75%Ue
Instantaneous power consumption of the coil ≤24.0(W) Release voltage(DC) ≤75%Ue
Duty cycle ≤0.25
Mechanical/Ambient Conditions
Torque of outgoing terminal on contact M5(N.m) ≯2.5N appropriate Protection grade IP50
Coil wiring insert(mm) 0.8 Mounting methods Freely
Working temperature (-25~+55)°C Vibration Sine shock: 2.5g, (5~50) Hz
Mounting altitude ≤2Km Impact 50g,11ms(Half sine)

 Outline and Mounting Picture

Basic size (mm) Tolerance size (mm)
0~30 ±0.2
30~60 ±0.3
60~100 ±0.5
>100 ±1.0
Mini Circuit Breaker
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